Honour and promote.

In 2007, when ASPOLT was founded by a group of friends, the bet was a little crazy. The Laudrefang and Téting battle blocks, 2 of the 53 forts on the Maginot Line in northeastern France, have been abandoned for several decades. Looted, they are buried by vegetation. These pieces of concrete and steel contain a treasure: the memory of hundreds of French soldiers who, in 1939-1940, spent part of their youth there and had to face fierce fighting against the German enemy.

A forgotten and yet so fascinating memory that ASPOLT volunteers are now working hard to revive by carrying out a relentless renovation and historical research.

Discover this History!


Yesterday and today

For 16 years, the ASFF has been renovating combat block 3 of the Laudrefang structure and the exteriors of the Téting, Einseling and Kerfent blocks. This “Before/After” slide show summarizes the great work that has been done by the association’s volunteers.