Join us !

ASPOLT is growing, many projects are underway and others are to come.

To help us to realize them, we solicit all those who wish to join us in this great adventure by giving a little of their time.

Painting, mechanics, restoration of old equipment or forestry work, there is something for everyone. No particular skill is required, just good will, common sense and elbow grease. We will accompany you in all circumstances, always in a joyful and good mood.

The volunteers are the beating heart of our association. Without them, the most beautiful ideas and the craziest projects could not be realized.

So, if you feel like it, join our team without further delay, to preserve our heritage and the memory of our elders!

Support us

Thanks to you, we can go further in the restoration of the fortified sector of Faulquemont, organize more events to inform. Each donation helps us a little more.